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    We are a locally owned drink and dessert shop recognized for our signature Japanese crepes and Thai ice cream rolls that we serve to our loyal customers.
    We offer a variety of delicious and healthy food options to choose from such as beef crepes, fruit crepes, strawberry Thai ice cream, chocolate milkshakes, bubble tea, and more.
    We also have the popularly unique, trendy beverages on our menu called light bulb drinks. Instead of your drink being served in a normal glass or plastic cup, it is served in a hollowed out light bulb. Needless to say, "we keep it light"!
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Our Services

Thai rolled
Thai Rolled Ice Cream

Each of our ice cream selections is specially handmade on a special machine by our skilled chef. They are composed of milk combined with different fruits and other ingredients that contain no artificial flavoring and coloring. Our customers may choose from our classic recipes or create their own style.

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Japanese Crepes

Our handmade Japanese crepes are made with fresh vegetable, fruit and meat. Each crepe can be tailored to suit your personal taste or you can order a variety to sample all that we have to offer. Enhance your meal with a fresh bubble tea or a bowl of our freshly made, delicious ice cream!

Bubble Tea

Our classic fusion of Japanese and Chinese milk tea involves blending either black, green, or red tea with a sweet cream base and dropping black tapioca “boba” balls into the bottom of the cup where they can absorb the delicious flavor of your beverage. We have several flavors to delight your fancy!

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